Vision Blinds

Our brand new shading innovation. Styled similar to a roller blind, but with a special striped fabric design.

An eye-catching and truly unique alternative to venetians or rollers…instead, it’s the best of both products; offering full light control as well as the smooth operation of a roller blind.

Gradually becoming a favourite among our customers, vision blinds are the perfect window furnishing for the modern home. If you like venetians but want something a little more discreet or if you need a roller but want to allow more natural light in, then a vision blind may be just what you need. Made from two layers of horizontally striped 7.5mm blackout and sheer fabric, the vision blind is cord operated like a roller; however when operated the stripes pass by each other so that in one position, the stripes are shown translucent and opaque and in the second position it is fully opaque.

The vision blind can be adjusted to rest in many different positions and has a beautiful effect with the light allowance in the room. It balances the need for privacy and natural light allowance – giving you full control over what you need out of a blind…no need to choose between natural light and privacy again.

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